Smart Chair, Smart Design

Spider’s inspiration comes from the structure
of the human vertebrae

Product Detail

Every part of the chair was designed to serve a very specific, healthful purpose

Smart Chair, Smart Design

Our spine is one of the most important part of our body that gives us structure and support. It plays a vital
role to enable us to perform simple tasks like standing up and sitting upright. Spider’s inspiration comes from
the structure of the human vertebrae.The idea is to create a chair that simulates the support of the spine. 

A new benchmark

Height-adjustable lumbar support with a range of 55mm. Polypropylene (100% recyclable) frame in black or white colour option.

A weight-sensing mechanism auto-adjusts recline resistance according to user weight. Provides Tilt-lock, Seat height and Seat depth adjustment. Diecast aluminum structure with steel and nylon parts, in black colour only.

Flexible Backrest

Our aim is to create a back that moves with you. Spider’s flexible back allows
for active seating. This is achieved through a unique rib design in conjunction
with an elastomer spine system. The chair is also equipped with a weight
sensing mechanism which adjusts the recline resistance automatically
according to the user’s weight


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