Smart Collection

Office chairs are one of the most important items in every work space, especially office furniture market is growing in Vietnam. With a mission to be the leading office furniture manufacturer, The City has been constantly striving to change the image of office chairs that are no longer "just sitting" to work by integrating intelligent features optimizing productivity and being fully compatible with the human body. You are no longer bored with the 360-degree rotating chair that The City has integrated with other intelligent support features such as seat back, seat hand adjustment or spine support which we call Ergonomics - optimal compatibility with the human body. You will not have to worry about the feeling of back pain when sitting in too long time and the ability to prevent the office diseases. In order to provide solutions for high-class seats, The City is always launching new products with a lot of outstanding features being suitable for all office space, adapting to the needs and different levels of budget. What are you waiting for? Let’s go to the nationwide showroom of The City and experience the real comfort of the high-grade office chairs.