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Experience the choice of furniture worth the money you spend, avoid the poor quality products, you should reference the average price on the market and the furniture office , or ask the Experienced to make wise choices.


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Here you can refer to the line of the Northern Dragon Trading Company

The more time you sit working than you sleep, so the office swivel chair is one of the those products designed to inspire employees and create a different. Nowadays, it has been designed by modern style with furniture, which has a tendency of freedom, style, creativity but no less comfortable and convenient.



Picture: Office  chair

+ Adjustable height: Side of the chair with adjustable hand to adjust the height of the chair. When you adjust the swivel chair up, you only need to lift the handle upward, the chair will lift up.

Photo: How to sit properly


To adjust the seat down, you sit on a swivel chair, holding your hand in the lever, pulling up as if raising the height of the chair at the front. Note you have to sit firmly on the chair, your weight will help the seat lower after pulling the handles pull the bottom.

Tilting Direction: For some swivel chairs that relax, this chair will have an extra lever. For the back seat to lean back, you just need to deftly move the rear, the tail back, the seat will lean back. At the same time, if you want to seat upright, you pull the lever to the opposite.


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Northern Dragon Trading Company offers step-by-step selection of driver's chairs that create comfort, high productivity depending on the time spent working in the office.


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